Family home renovations: How to create more space for a growing family

Family Home Renovation

Family home renovations are something that many homeowners think about at least once in their lifetime. Particularly if you want to stay in a good location but your existing home simply doesn’t fit the bill for your growing family.  Even if the home you purchased a while ago, a home that was perfect for you […]

Design upgrades to consider for your next renovation

Renovation design - window furnishings

Considering a house renovation and wondering about renovation design upgrades?  Minor upgrades and small tweaks to your design can cost little to no extra to include in your renovation but can bring a considerable return to the final design aesthetic of your home. We’ve put together a solid list of renovation design upgrades that can […]

Renovation tips that will save you both time and money

renovation tips to save time and money

Are you looking for some hot renovation tips that will save you both time and money on your home renovation project?  If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we post articles every month about all things building and renovating with lots of hot tips and insights. But we understand that you […]

Energy-Efficient Home Renovations: 7 ways to boost your home’s energy

energy efficient homes

One of the pitfalls to buying an older home is often the lack of energy-efficient home features. A lot of older homes are using old and outdated wiring and electrical fixtures. Many have numerous gaps and holes and even more have little or no insulation.  All of these issues result in poor energy efficiency.  If […]

Renovation budget: Tips for managing the money on your home reno

Renovation Budget tips

When it comes to renovating homes, three of the top questions we are asked are. 1. How much will it cost? 2. How long will it take? And 3. When can you start? And if we were to narrow those questions down even further. How much will it cost is by far the most commonly […]

Top 5 home renovation concerns and how to avoid the stress

home renovations - communication

A home renovation can be stressful. Anything related to changing or altering your home can bring a lot of stress, especially if you have not gone through a house renovation before. As long time home renovation builders here in Newcastle NSW, we see and hear all the time the concerns that homeowners have when it […]

6 elements to consider in your home extensions and renovations

House extensions and renovations - classic design

So you’re thinking about home extensions and renovations?… Maybe it’s a second storey addition. Or perhaps an extension out the back. A house lift and build under might be on the cards. Or you’re after a complete house overhaul.  Regardless of what house renovations and extensions you have planned, it’s always a good idea to […]

Renovation Costs: How to budget for a home renovation

Renovation costs

Let’s talk about renovation costs. How much will it cost to renovate my home? would have to be one of the first questions most homeowners ask when they first get in touch. It can be a tough question to answer without going into more detail about the requirements of your home and the renovations you […]

5 mistakes homeowners make when interviewing renovation builders

Interview process - renovation builders

Choosing a builder to work on your home is one of the most important decisions you can make. And the builder you choose can have a huge impact on the outcome of your renovation. Get it right and you’ll not only have a beautifully renovated home at the end, but you’ll have an enjoyable renovation […]