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Design upgrades to consider for your next renovation

Considering a house renovation and wondering about renovation design upgrades? 

Minor upgrades and small tweaks to your design can cost little to no extra to include in your renovation but can bring a considerable return to the final design aesthetic of your home.

We’ve put together a solid list of renovation design upgrades that can give true value when renovating your home.


When it comes to renovating your home and giving thought to the renovation design, think about the finishes that you will be using throughout the home. Some finishes can provide adequate results while others can really elevate your space, add dimension and interest and make your home feel more luxurious.

For example, instead of using plain plasterboard and paint on your walls, why not consider adding VJ panelling or textured wallpaper? Even just adding these to one or two walls in a room can give amazing results to your home for little extra cost.

There are so many surfaces within your home where you have the opportunity to add interest and appeal through the finish you select. In fact, most finishes come in different textures… Matt, gloss, brushed, textured… A change in the standard finish can make all the difference. 

Just be careful not to have so many different finishes that it overwhelms the brain. Just like having white spaces on a page, we need plain surfaces within a room to rest our eyes. 

renovation design - wallpaper


Cabinetry is another area where you can really up the ante when it comes to renovation design upgrades. There are so many options available now that your cabinetry does not have to be limited to the stock standard. 

When it comes to cabinetry upgrades, think about 

  • The colour
  • The texture
  • The profile
  • The hardware you will be using

Also, think about the functionality of the cabinetry. How we use our homes and the features in our homes have changed considerably over the years. Now, there are so many extra features that we can be incorporating into our cabinetry that elevates the functionality and adds value to your home. 

For example, replacing standard cupboards with heavy-duty drawers can make your kitchen much more practical. Adding elements such as pull-out bins, pull-out shelves, swivel functions, soft close hardware and electrical fittings all within the cabinet can make your home feel much more expensive and much more functional.

It is worthwhile planning out your cabinetry design not just in your kitchen and bathrooms, but throughout your home as well. Think about how each cabinet will get used, what items will be going in the cabinets and what dimensions are going to work well. 

Don’t underestimate even the smallest features having a greater impact on your renovation design.

Renovation design - cabinetry


Colour is a tricky thing when it comes to renovating your home. Unlike a new house build, there are some features within your home that won’t change. And it is these elements that need to be factored in when thinking about your colour selections for your renovation. 

For example, you may have aluminium windows that won’t change and so you will need to think about the colour of those windows. Choosing a grey or blue colour palette for your new renovation may not go well with heritage green windows. 

Some of the best renovations take into account the history and heritage of the home and while the new section may be modern, the colours chosen to blend in with the existing sections can make your renovation much more seamless. Sometimes it’s not always best to go with the trend but to go with the colours that will most benefit the house.

If in doubt, it is always recommended to stick with neutral colours on the main parts of your home… Walls, floors, and the like, and then incorporate colour within your soft furnishings and finishes. That way, the colours can be quickly and relatively easily updated and changed out if you get sick of the colour or if you’re selling the home and it doesn’t suit the buyer’s taste.

It is worth noting here that you shouldn’t be afraid to use colour in your home. More and more often, we’re seeing beautiful cabinetry consisting of rich blues and dark greens. And walls painted in bold colours to add mood to the space. 

Creating a mood board or renovation design guide for your home can be one of the best ways to tackle colour selection. 

Renovation design - colour

Soft Furnishings

When it comes to renovation design upgrades, soft furnishings are often last on the list of considerations. Sometimes homeowners will reuse their soft furnishings within the home particularly if the budget is tight and they can’t afford to replace items.

However, if you do have the budget it is highly recommended to consider new soft furnishings as part of your renovation design upgrade. New window furnishings, such as curtains or blinds, can make a difference and bring the entire renovation together. Even just new cushions on the couch, a new throw rug or new bedding can make all the difference while not breaking the budget. 

Renovation design - window furnishings


When completing a major renovation on your home why not consider buying new furniture as part of your renovation design upgrade? if your home is straight out of the 80s then it’s likely that your furniture is probably due for an upgrade. 

And it’s not uncommon for existing furniture to not fit the new spaces in your newly renovated home or home additions. Your dining table might now be too small for the space, or your lounge may no longer suit the new room layout. Even a new outdoor living space will be calling out for new outdoor furniture. 

Just like soft furnishings, buying new furniture to complete your renovation process can make all the difference. If your budget allows, it will be well worth splurging on new furniture. 

Lighting and Electrical

Another area where things can be overlooked or not completely thought through is the lighting and electrical plan for your renovation. Lighting and electrical products available on the market now are extensive and it’s worth considering all your options with your lighting fixtures and electrical fittings to really amp up the level finish you achieve with your renovation. 

Lights are much more energy efficient nowadays, powerpoints and switches come in a wide range of options and all the products have more features built in and available to you. 

Of course, we can’t talk about lighting and electrical without talking about smart wiring, smart homes and wireless technology. If you are undertaking a large or high-end renovation then incorporating smart technology into your home is almost a must. The same can be said for knockdown rebuilds. 

When thinking about your lighting and electrical plan for your renovation design upgrade in the new sections of the home, also think about the lighting and electrical in the existing parts of the home as well. Even though you may not be renovating those areas, upgrading the lighting and electrical fixtures while renovating other parts of your home may prove to be cost-effective. 

Renovation electrical plan


Finally, think about the hardware you are going to use within your renovation design. When we say hardware, we are talking about cabinet pulls, hinges, door handles, door locks, curtain rods and so on. 

Just like all other household products, fixtures and fittings, hardware has come a long way since your home was originally built. It’s well worth seeing what is available on the market and what options you have that are within your price range.

When looking at hardware, don’t just consider the colour and finish but also consider the functionality of the hardware and how it will work within your home. 

On the flip side, also consider the original parts of the home. If you are renovating old houses with heritage features in your home that are staying or you want to maintain the charm and character in your home, then consider sourcing hardware that is true to the era of the home and is going to complement the original hardware.  

Renovation design upgrade - VJ panelling

Renovation design requires thought and consideration

Renovation design requires thought and consideration beyond that of a new home, simply because you have the existing home or remaining features to consider. But that doesn’t mean you can think carefully about the options available and where your money is best spent to give you the best bang for your buck and elevate your home renovation to another level.  

Have a renovation design tip of your own or have a question about renovating your home? Reach out and let’s chat.

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