Security System, Yes or No?

Do you need a Security System?

Most commonly, the time we install a security system is after we have been burgled. That’s when we decide we need some sort of alarm or something to discourage thieves.  

I started asking myself, why? 

Why do we do this after we have been robbed? It makes sense to install even a basic security system while building. It doesn’t need to be top of the line with cameras in every direction and connected to your smartphone. It just needs to offer peace of mind that your home is secure.

Are we not cautious enough? Are we too trusting in Australia? know several friends who always leave their front door open and never get robbed. Someday they might, and at that point they will deadlock all the doors and windows.  

I think Australia is the best country in the world, it has the number 1 spot in my opinion. However, it also has the number 1 spot for the highest rate of burglaries per capita, the number 2 spot for the break-in rate, and  66% of these are a residential break-in. 

I know we have a history of convicts here but those stats are alarming! 

To make it worse up to 80% of victims of a burglary move home after a break-in. 

some never fully recover afterwards, especially if important items are stolen. 

I have a family member who was burgled recently and although this person never ever placed any monetary or intrinsic value on the material items they own, the thieves took the one thing they cared about the most. Her and her late husband’s wedding rings. Now after months of calling pawn shops and the police in the hope of finding them the chances are slim. 

I am not saying that an alarm would have stopped this, but it would certainly cut down the amount of time the burglar has to look inside the home before a very loud alarm goes off and the security network is notified (within 30 seconds).  

If you put several security elements in place such as sensor lights, mesh screens (crimsafe), proper window locks, deadbolts, a small safe for valuables, and a simple alarm system you can at least rest easy knowing that you have done all you can to protect your important items. 

It’s always the gifts we received and old photos that are stolen or lost that we care about the most, and for a small outlay you can protect those things.

We spend thousands per year on car and home insurance, but why don’t we fork out a bit of money to protect the things inside the home that hold deeper value than money?? I’m confused!  

These things are priceless, yet we wait till after they are stolen to put measures in place to mitigate anything happening to them. 

For the tech savvy, there are several great security options for your home, and to be honest, this is the way the world is going.  

Lost your keys? Doesn’t matter, a finger print or a pin code opens your door! 

 Forgot to turn the alarm on? No worries, activate it from your smart phone app  

 Travelling a lot and want to see your home? Log in and view the live or recorded cameras anywhere, anytime 

Hindsight can be a beautiful thing or a terrible thing. 

It’s a bit like getting new car. You wouldn’t wait till after you crash it to get some insurance, would you?

No, you anticipate something may happen. 

Of course, your home is insured and so are the contents, but it’s the personal items and heirlooms that cannot be replaced or re-bought. 

It’s also the “feeling” you get from knowing someone was in your home, it’s scary. 

Think of security systems as your insurance against “the feeling”. 

Being safe and secure is one of the most important primal feelings we have. And for a sense of feeling secure it’s a small investment to make for ourselves, our kids, all our loved ones!! 

As the old saying goes “We don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone!”

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