Are You Thinking Of Building?

What is your relationship with your builder?

A builder/customer relationship has the same principles of building a new home. It must have strong foundations. if the relationship gets off to a shaky start, there is a fair chance you can expect recurring problems along the way.

This is why it is so important to pick up any red flags prior to choosing your builder and signing a contract.

Is your builder getting their quote back to you in reasonable time?

What is the communication like between you and your prospective builder? and how will it continue through the project?

Has your builder provided you with a detailed construction process and a guaranteed completion date?

Has your builder clearly outlined the process to follow if or when you decide to make changes along the way?

Has your builder explained what is expected of you during the construction process?

These are just a few things to ask yourself before you decide which builder is right for you. Always remember to follow your gut. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not!

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