The Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make With Home Extensions

sucessful home extensions

Home extensions can take a lot of commitment. It’s not something that can be completed overnight and while all homeowners ultimately want the extension to add value to their home and improve their home life, there can sometimes be an underlying concern that these results just won’t pan out. We hear ya! Completing home extensions […]

Residential Home Builders: Finding the Best Builder For You

Residential Home Builders - Finding the best fit for you

When looking to build a new home or renovate an existing home, it makes sense to do a general search for local residential home builders to complete the job. Well, in theory, it makes sense but in reality, this may not be the best way to go. You see, not all residential builders are the […]

The Complete Guide to Understanding and Comparing Renovation Quotes

Compare apples with apples

Renovation quotes, even building quotes in general are a huge hurdle that stops homeowners from undertaking large building projects. Trying to get a builder to actually provide a quote is one thing. Trying to understand them is another. And, then there’s the fun task of trying to compare the quotes so you can make the […]

Top 3 Questions to Ask a Renovation Builder Before Hiring Them

Renovation Builder Services

When you think about renovating your home or even trying to find a renovation builder, there can be a mixture of both excitement and dread. Sure, the end result is going to look fantastic and your home will be more usable and liveable than ever. But, the thought of renovating can bring anxiety and dread […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider House Extensions Before Relocating

House Extensions add value

Homeowners who find their house is no longer big enough to fit their family or their circumstances have changed and their home just doesn’t work as well as it should all face the same dilemma. To relocate or carry out renovations and house extensions. As we grow and evolve, and our family and lifestyle grows […]

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