What home renovators need to know about living through a renovation

What Home Renovators Need to Know About Living Through a Renovation

Should I live on-site during my renovation or should I move out? A very common question that all home renovators ask themselves when embarking on a home renovation. Particularly if the renovation is a big one and likely to be ongoing for a while.

There’s no denying that renovations can be stressful for homeowners. It can disrupt your life, interrupt important routines and basically put everyone out of whack while the process takes place.

But renovations always come to an end at some stage and the results of your renovation (when done right) can be absolutely transformative to your home and your lifestyle in all the best ways. Renovations are definitely worth short-term pain for long term gain.

And, while we definitely shouldn’t overlook or underestimate the struggles you’ll face living onsite while renovations take place, there are some super handy tips and advice that I can give, as a professional renovation builder to all home renovators to get you through a renovation relatively smoothly.

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Tip #1 – It Will Get Messy

There is absolutely no way to complete a renovation without things getting dusty, noisy and a little messy. I mean, we are effectively pulling apart your house and putting it back together, and anyone who’s done even the simplest thing like clean out a cupboard knows that to create order, there needs to be a little chaos along the way.

So, be prepared that it will get messy. As renovation builders, we are very mindful of minimising the impact renovations will have on your home. Unlike new home builds, we are used to working within existing homes where our clients are already living in the home, and we will go above and beyond to keep dust and debris levels down and will clean up after ourselves.

But regardless of how much we try to contain it, dust will cover practically every part of your home. It will get into nooks and crannies and continuously settle over all surfaces.

So if you’re a super clean freak, or you simply know that the dust and mess will drive you crazy, then it may be a good idea to find alternate accommodation for the duration of the renovation.


Tip #2 – It Will Get Noisy

Yep, just like the tip above, noise also comes as a package deal with anything construction, including renovations. Power tools, hand tools, heavy machinery, banging, drilling, sawing and talking are just a few of the things that are going to elevate the noise levels during your renovation.

If you normally work from home, we recommend looking at finding alternative options to work from temporarily while undergoing house renovations. Likewise, if you have young children or are particularly sensitive to noise, it might also be a good idea to make yourself scarce throughout the day while the work is being carried out.

What home renovators need to know about living through a renovation

Tip #3 – You Will Need to be Adaptable and Flexible

Major renovations and extensions will mean that parts of your house will become non-functional and inaccessible at some point in the process. Even simple bathroom and/or kitchen renovations can leave you without necessities like a toilet or shower for a week or so.

But if your home is undergoing a major transformation, this can extend the timeframe of when you will have basic functionality within the home. You and your family should consider how this is going to impact your daily routine and plan ahead.

If you are planning on living onsite during your renovation, we highly recommend you hire any facilities you need to make life comfortable for you. For example, simply hiring a portable bathroom can make a huge difference to your comfort levels.

Being adaptable and flexible with your routine is also key for all home renovators to get through a renovation. You may need to migrate from one area of the house to another area for a period of time, and then back again for a little longer.

You may also find taking time away from the home more so than normal will help to keep your sanity throughout. This may mean eating out more often or spending days doing activities outside the home. These little things can really help.

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Tip #4 – You May Need to Let Go of Control

One of the biggest contributing factors towards the anxiety home renovators feel when living through a renovation is the loss of control. When you don’t know what is going on and everything is in pieces around you, this is when you can begin to regret ever starting your renovation.

However, many people only feel this way because they feel like they need to have control the whole time. Renovations are a great way to teach you how to let go of control and trust your builder to see you through the journey.

This is why we will forever and a day recommend you engage a professional renovation builder to guide you through the renovation of your home and you put your complete trust in them. When you have an emotional connection to your home (and most of us do), it can be overwhelming to see it being demolished. But, if you have engaged a renovation builder who is experienced in the renovation process and understands how you are likely to feel throughout, then they will be working hard to ensure that your home is being transformed in the most efficient way possible… And the emotional impact to you is minimised.

Letting go of control and trusting your builder to take control of the renovation journey is a big step towards enjoying the experience.

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Renovations Can Be a Rewarding Experience for Home Renovators

We definitely don’t want to sugar coat it just how stressful some renovations can be. But it’s not the case in all renovations. Your renovation can absolutely be a truly rewarding experience. If all home renovators head into the process with open eyes, realistic expectations and a great support network around them, then renovating your home can be smooth sailing and even enjoyable.

Knowing what the process is, what to expect and adapting to the constant change in the short term is the key to saving your sanity while living on-site during a renovation.

If you are after advice and guidance around the process and what you can expect specifically for your situation, why not book in for a renovation consultation?

Simply send through a message or give us a call on 07 4960 9894 and let’s talk.

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