Funny Renovation Stories Part 1

The past few weeks I have provided some heavy information about renovating. I thought it was time to look on the brighter side and share a funny story I read this week. Light hearted and hilarious.

Life Hack- Animals and renovations don’t mix well!

I went out to do some painting on a home my partner and I had just finished, and the owners had already moved into. The lady of the house had left for work, and I was alone in the home. I proceeded to take an opened 4L tin of paint—instead of just a small container—around touching up the woodwork in the carpeted living room.

The homeowners had a parrot in a cage at the opposite end of the room that was supposed to be locked, but the lady forgot to lock the bird in, as it usually has the run of the house. I was touching up the skirtings and turned back to the paint can to dip the brush to find the parrot with his beak in the tin of paint. Surprised, I made a quick movement, and the parrot jumped back, pulling the entire can of paint over on the new carpet. I chased the parrot all over the house, making quite a scene—with feathers flying and both me and the bird squawking—before finally cornering and catching it. Let’s just say I was beside myself.

I got the parrot locked away and cleaned up what I could of the mess. When the homeowners returned, they were more than a little upset, accusing me of traumatizing their parrot and making it ill. Actually, I think I was the one who was traumatized!!! It’s been 14 years now, but I still tell friends about the episode and we have a laugh over that darned parrot.

This is one I have never heard before, it just goes to show how renovating, especially when living in the home, can throw not 1, but about 40 spanners into the works. Sometimes you just can’t think of everything!

We have a really great way to minimize mistakes, accidents, prevent miscommunication and to make the entire process much more enjoyable.

As the old saying goes: “Anticipate the difficult, by managing the easy”.

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Story Credit: https://www.todayshomeowner.com/funniest-home-improvement-story-contest-winners/

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